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Welcome shwe myanmar to Singapore, Chinese language – as part of daily language in Singapore. you definitely good to learn it. i am guiding for who willing to learn chinese – burmese / English – burmese language to have more confident by conversation, listening, reading/writing or so… and assisting for chinese homework for myanmar kids.
I am a year 3 Poly student. (Diploma In Accountancy) I have distinctions in Biology, Additional Mathematics, Combined Humanities and Burmese. I teach every subject except Physics. So far, I have taught Burmese, social studies and was assigned as a peer tutor in Secondary school.
7 years of teaching experience, with A and A* in PSLE Chinese and Higher Chinese, A for Higher Chinese O Levels Good experience of teaching primary school students Familiar with the MOE syllabus  Beyond homework, the tutor gears your child up for exams with top-school papers Tackles various components including composition and knowledge for oral
– 10 years of experience – Primary, secondary 1-2 both normal and express – Tutor is meticulous, teaches systematically and is active in engaging with your child – Helps your child grasp a strong foundation in math and problem solving, also teaches to apply different concepts – Engages your child by breaking down difficult concepts

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